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About our wood

Seasoned hardwoods:

Seasoned firewood has been in our yard at least one year (usually longer) before it is sold. The logs are cut and split onto the concrete pad in January and February. That gives the wood seven months of split time before the burning season. The best time to purchase seasoned wood is in August and September when it is most dry. Usually in late September or October, weather becomes very rainy. That starts to wet the wood in the pile again. Most veteran wood burners know this is a short lived problem once the wood is stacked and covered at their yard. But nonetheless we want people to understand what they are buying. If there is an extended period of wet weather that we feel creates too much of a hardship we will suspend the sale of seasoned wood. Usually sometime in January we will stop selling seasoned wood because of ice and snow in the pile. Please plan accordingly. Again we feel honesty is the best policy!

This year, we finally have a supply surplus coming into the yard. This has enabled us to sort the product and produce two grades of seasoned wood for you to choose from.

Our premium blend is 90% or more of Oak with up to 10% Hickory. This mix is most sought after by fulltime wood burners, for the best long burning BTU output.

This supply also allows us to offer an “average” grade, which is a mix of all hardwoods. This casual burner or fireplace burner will like this mix better. It is easier to start, with a faster, hotter burn. This grade is more in line with what most wood dealers are selling and allows us to be more competitive in that market.

All of our wood products are cut to a 16″ average length. We try our best to keep this consistent. There can be the occasional 17″ piece in the pile. This is good for 99% of the stoves out there but please take this into consideration if you have a stove that is “maxed out” at 16″ capacity.

Kiln dried firewood:

Kiln dried firewood is the cleanest and safest way to buy wood. From clean logs delivered to our yard, the wood is cut, split and screened onto our concrete pad. It is then scooped up, screened again, loaded into baskets, and placed into the kiln. Eighteen cords of wood are “cooked” at 195 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four days until the moisture content is below 12%. Some dealers say 20% is enough. We don’t think so. When our wood is sold and delivered it is ready to burn in your stove or fireplace immediately. It is very consistent throughout the pile and will be a joy to burn. The wood is clean, bug free and has a nice wood smell.

Unlike most kiln dried suppliers we are not afraid to dry heavy hardwoods such as red oak, white oak, and hickory. These are the best wood species for heat production, but it takes longer to dry in the kiln. We feel it is a better value for the customer to have the best mix of hardwoods.


We offer seasoned or kiln dried firewood delivered on our arranged tractor trailer or yours. Our equipment can safely and efficiently screen and load a trailer in 45 minutes or less. Please contact us for your needs and specific pricing.

Our goal is to keep our equipment maintained and up to date to provide dependable loading and delivery schedules.

All wood is screened at time of processing and again when loaded out to insure clean delivered product. We waste nothing. The chips collected are ground up and used for fuel in the dry-kiln process.

We always have wood!! All seasoned wood is cut and split onto a concrete pad that is over a half acre in size! Clean wood on clean storage means dirt-free product delivered to your door.

Wood is loaded into one cord capacity baskets to fill the kiln. The wood is “cooked” in the kiln @ 190 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-4 days. The moisture content is brought down to 12% or less before it is removed for delivery. This process also kills any bugs that might be hiding inside the wood.

Dry wood
The wood on the right is green (fresh cut) Red Oak right from the processor. The same species of wood on the left came out of the kiln at 8% moisture content as checked with meter.

Local deliveries are made with our 3 cord capacity truck. The wood is always screened and loaded by conveyor. The truck is divided into three equal compartments, so we can deliver 1 – 2 or 3 cord orders in one stop.

Our motto is “if you like our product, tell a friend. If you don’t, tell us”